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    EFFCO Finishes & Technologies Private Limited is privately owned & registered under Indian Companies Act; involved into sourcing, developing & Manufacturing of Smart & Greener Coating technologies for surface finishing industry in India. EFFCO Provides coating chemistry, know how, training & coating equipment’s for application.
    Environment friendly Colorful, Decorative & Protective Coating Technologies for surface finishing industry in Automotive, Railway, Commercial Transportation, Industrial and Engineering Construction field.

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  • Zinc Aluminium Flake Coating Technology

    The zinc flake coating system is a method to apply cathodic corrosion protection in a currentless way.

    Coatings for Commercial Transportation Vehicles

    Railway & Metro Coatings, Monolayer All-in One Protective Coatings, Coatings for ACE and Agri Equipment’s

    Automated Zinc Flake Coating Lines

    Tiltable designed to ensure uniform coating of paint, no dead angle,no effusion. CE cerficate.

    Automated Dip Spin Coating Machine

    Dip spin coating machine is mainly based on zinc flake coating liquid coating on the surface of a metal artifacts.

    Dry Film Lubricant Coatings

    Premium Products offers a water-based, environmentally friendly dry lubricant coating.

    Fluoropolymer Coatings (PTFE)

    PTFE Fluoropolymer is a corrosion resistant lubricant for the Offshore Drilling and Petroleum Industries.