Ecomet Corundum - Effco India/

Zinc and Aluminium Flakes combined with Corundum and other nano crystal carbon material to form never fail thin film. The coating is single pack, ECOMET solvent is require adjusting viscosity. The coating is applied by dip spin or spray method followed by curing in over at 220 deg c 25 mins.


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  • Colour : Silver Grey
  • Base coat : Solvent base
  • Number of pack : two pack
  • Thinner : Solvent
  • Thickness: 8-12µ
  • Viscosity (Zhan cup 2) : 40 ~ 45 seconds
  • SST: 2000 hrs plus
  • Chrome content : NA
  • Application method: Dip spin & Spray
  • Curing temp (metal) : 10- 30 min. at 220-250®C
  • Cathodic corrosion protection and barrier effect


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