ECOMET CDG – Cold Dip Galvanising

This product has Zinc and nano crystal carbon based raw material to form 60-80 microns thickness for threaded hardware. The coating is applied by dip spin or spray method followed by curing at 220 deg c 25 mins. This is ideal alternative for HDG and mechanical galvanizing.

  • Colour : Zinc Grey
  • Thickness: 60-70ยต
  • SST: 1500 hours
  • Viscosity (Zhan cup 2) : 30~ 35 seconds
  • Application method: Dip spin & Spray
  • Possible pre treatment: Degreasing followed by shot blasting with 2-3Ra
  • Curing temp (metal) : 10- 30 min. at 220-250 degree c

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